Our services include the following:

Collision Investigation & Reconstruction
  • A full investigation of incidents involving pedestrians, pedal cycles and all classes of road vehicle.
  • An examination of the collision scene with measurements and photographs and with consideration of the environmental factors, road markings and traffic flow.
  • The provision of scale scene plans and video recordings.
  • A full analysis and critique of the available evidence including statements and expert reports.
  • For some less serious collisions we can provide a ‘desktop’ report based on estimates, engineers reports, photographs and other information supplied by the client. These reports may be suitable in cases where damage compatibility is an issue.
Vehicle Examination

We will examine all types of road vehicle and plant and are experienced in identifying, measuring and photographing forensic evidence, contributory mechanical defects and areas of damage compatible with the collision circumstances. If required, we can source and measure similar sample vehicles for damage height comparison purposes. Our vehicle examination reports are impartial, clearly written and avoid the use of technical jargon.

  • A detailed mechanical examination and photographs of the collision vehicle(s) to establish the existence of contributory defects or poor maintenance.
  • Our vehicle examinations include, but are not restricted to – steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, wheels, electrical components including obligatory lamps, bodywork and chassis, glass, seatbelts and supplementary restraint systems.
  • We identify and measure the damaged parts of the vehicle to help establish pre and post impact movement and to check for compatibility with the reported collision circumstances.
  • If necessary we can obtain measurements and photographs from similar sample vehicles for damage height comparison purposes.
  • Large Goods Vehicle and Passenger Carrying Vehicle examinations are carried out as detailed above but with consideration to components and systems peculiar to those vehicles and to the DVSA publication Categorisation of Roadworthiness Defects.
Data Analysis

In incidents involving large goods vehicles, the most reliable evidence of vehicle speed, time and the distance travelled is recorded either on an analogue tachograph chart or, in the case of digital tachograph systems, encrypted in the instruments memory. We can analyse both types of data to accurately establish vehicle speed and movement in the seconds before a collision occurred.

When a vehicle fitted with a digital tachograph has been involved in a collision it is crucial that operator downloads the 1 Hz and 4 Hz detailed speed data as soon as possible after the incident occurs and before it is overwritten. We can analyse this information to accurately establish vehicle movements and collision speeds.

  • We are able to analyse analogue tachograph charts to identify driver’s hour’s offences and tachograph fraud. Where a vehicle fitted with an analogue tachograph has been involved in a collision, we can examine the tachograph chart to establish the recorded speed of the vehicle at collision.
  • We are able to analyse digital tachograph data to identify driver’s hour’s offences, tachograph fraud and vehicle movement and speed during an alleged incident or collision.
  • We can offer guidance and advice on road traffic law, driver’s hours and the duty to comply with legislation to both hauliers and coach operators.

CCTV and dashboard camera footage analysis.
The recent proliferation in the use of public and private CCTV camera systems and the rapid rise in the use of affordable dashboard cameras mean, that video footage of an incident or collision is frequently available. Although at first viewing the footage may appear damning, there a number of factors that should be considered to establish if a drivers reactions were reasonable.

We are experienced in analysing CCTV and dashboard camera footage and considering driver and other road user actions, environmental factors, road layout, potential visibility and reaction times.

Incident Data Recorders
Many vehicles are now fitted with Incident Data Recorders either as a requirement of an insurance policy or as a fleet management tool. We are experienced in interpreting the data from these devices to give an accurate overview of vehicle speeds, location and in some cases, manner of driving.

Fuel issue and usage Data
Where there are doubts about the amount of company fuel used against the mileage recorded, we can analyse fuel usage, receipts and expected vehicle performance to identify whether the cause is theft, fraud, the manner in which the vehicle is driven or the fuel issue recording system.

GPS and Sat Nav Data
Where GPS or satellite navigation device data is available, we can review and accurately plot vehicle movements against time.

Other Services
  • We can investigate and report on allegations of poor driving by company employees, misuse or abuse of company vehicles or fuel and any other driving offences.
  • We will obtain statements or interview clients on your behalf.
  • We can provide locus plans up to size A0.