About Us

We are experienced expert witnesses who provide clear, accurate, high quality reports and photographs that are suitable for use in criminal or civil proceedings. We also provide scene plans and video footage.

We carry out investigations on behalf of solicitors, insurance companies, the transport industry and other companies and individuals and will travel worldwide to examine collision scenes and the associated vehicles. We are well versed in the procedures followed by the Police and other authorities after a collision or other motoring incident and will happily liaise with them on your behalf to arrange scene visits or vehicle examinations.

We know that the best evidence is secured early in the proceedings and offer a fast response service to solicitors and insurance companies for incidents where serious criminal charges may be brought or where there is potential for a high financial loss. In these circumstances we can provide photographs and an interim report to assist clients with their strategic decision making.

We are happy to review the circumstances of a collision or incident and offer preliminary advice on the evidence presented free of charge.

Our services include collision reconstruction, incident investigation and vehicle examination for occurrences on and off the road involving pedestrians, pedal cycles, motorcycles, cars, lorries, buses, agricultural vehicles and plant.

We will review and analyse any available evidence including witness statements and Police reports, photographs, other expert reports, analogue and digital tachograph data, CCTV and dashboard camera footage, Incident Data Recorder evidence, fuel issue and usage data and GPS data.

Click here for a full list of our services. Click here for the profile of our Principle Forensic Collision Investigator and Vehicle Examiner, Stephen Burgess.